GoWest Billboards is the leading outdoor digital billboard advertising provider in Lethbridge, Alberta. We are passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential. Our goal is to provide our clients with effective billboard marketing solutions that deliver results and help their businesses grow.


At GoWest Billboards, we understand the importance of connecting with your audience and delivering messages that resonate. That's why we offer a full range of marketing services, including strategic planning, creative design, and advertising that light up our community. Our team is dedicated to providing customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients.


We believe in the power of outdoor digital advertising and the impact it can have on businesses. That's why we offer digital billboard advertising services that allow our clients to reach their target audience in a highly visible and impactful way. Our digital displays are equipped with the latest technology and offer stunning quality with the highest resolution available in the Lethbridge market.


If you're looking to reach the masses and help you reach your business's full potential, look no further than GoWest Billboards.



Our digital billboards are the ultimate 24/7 eye-catcher, strategically placed to catch the attention of busy Lethbridge commuters. With strategic locations at intersections and on roads across town, our outdoor signs provide maximum visibility at high-traffic spots for your business message!


Our clients have the power to quickly alter their billboard ads, allowing them to stay one step ahead of shifting trends in business. With this capability, they can remain at the forefront of success!


Billboards are an incredibly effective form of advertising and can help you reach a wide audience! With billboard ads, you can be sure that your message will be seen by nearly everyone who passes by. Unlike other forms of advertising, people cannot avoid seeing billboard ads while they’re on the go—they don’t have the option to change the channel or fast forward.