We understand that marketing and advertising is a complex process which can be both costly and ineffective. Our goal at GoWest Marketing is to make your advertising initiative affordable and effective with maximum impact utilizing our outdoor digital billboard advertising network.

So why choose outdoor digital billboard advertising?


Our well placed outdoor digital billboards are always seen,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our clients have the ability to change ads quickly,
allowing them to adapt to changing conditions
in their business practices.


Compared to all other forms of advertising, digital
billboards are the most cost effective when trying
to reach mass populations.

You can’t ignore driving. With other forms of
media, changing the channel, switching the
station and fast forwarding are always an option.
You can’t do that in a vehicle. Our digital billboards
are strategically placed in high traffic locations
in Lethbridge to ensure maximum impact and
maximum exposure.